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Weissman Foundry

Babson is among only a select group of entrepreneurship colleges who offer a robust creative space to their students. The Foundry enables students with an idea for a product, a creative project, or an idea for a piece of art for a loved one the space, materials, and many of the tools needed to create high quality finished goods.  

Today, the Foundry serves one hundred percent of incoming Undergraduate and Graduate students in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, including directly supporting teams of Babson, Olin, and Wellesley students through grant programs. Our programming has impacted almost 100 students over the last two years alone in taking their idea and turning it into a reality.  

By donating to The Foundry, you help give students new tools and opportunities to create with. This year, we are asking for donations for two new tools for our spaces, both of which have been highly requested by our students. The first is a SawStop table saw, or a saw that can be safely used by all Foundry users without fear of injury. The second tool, a Formlabs 3L Resin 3D Printer, dramatically increases our 3D printing capabilities; enabling large scale, high resolution 3D prints for users looking to create an early prototype of their designs that looks and acts like the finished product. 

A gift to the Weissman Foundry is one of the most visible ways you can support the creativity and entrepreneurship of students at Babson College. Help us reach our $13,500 goal to fund this important new equipment!

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