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Institute for Family Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Family Entrepreneurship (IFE) is a hub for research, resources, and innovative programming dedicated to entrepreneurial students and their families. We extend Babson’s founding mission, amplifying the capacity of enterprising families around the world to create economic value and social impact, while building stronger family ties.


IFE Programs

  • Amplifier Program: The Amplifier is an immersive program that engages families during the student’s entire Babson experience.
  • Peer Forum: A unique platform for students to share their concerns and challenges in the zone of personal-family-business.
  • Live Case Study: In a highly interactive format, students get an insider perspective of what it is like to be a family entrepreneur.
  • Mentorship Program: Connects students with mentors from a family business background.
  • Networking by Industry: Students can network with other family entrepreneurs in the Babson community.

"The Amplifier Program provided a supported opportunity for me to analyze and learn more about my place in my family business."  Alex Hadid MBA '20


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